Where To Find ATMs In Holbox, Mexico (2024)

Looking for a place to get cash on Isla Holbox? Here is the ultimate 2024 guide to the ATMs in Holbox, Mexico.

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There’s a ton of confusion online about the ATM situation in Holbox. Some sources say there are no ATMs at all, while others say there are several on the island.

So are there ATMs in Holbox? And if so, where can you find them?

In this post, we’re going over all of the ATM locations on Isla Holbox. We’ll also talk about how much cash you’ll need, if restaurants take cards, and where you can exchange currency on the island.

Are There ATMs In Holbox?

Yes, there are ATMs in Isla Holbox. In fact, there are several ATMs scattered around the island.

The problem is that the information online is often outdated or incorrect. This leaves travelers wandering around aimlessly searching for cash machines.

Another issue is that some of the ATMs only give out US dollars. Most establishments do take USD, but they charge a poor conversion rate. If you want the best bang for your buck, you’re better off taking out Mexican pesos.

However, it is still good to note where the USD ATMs are. The main ATMs sometimes run out of pesos, so USD may be your only option at times. There are currency exchange options available on the island as well, which we’ll talk about further on in this article.

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Where Are The ATMs In Holbox?

CIBanco Bank ATM

CIBanco bank in Holbox, Mexico

The most reliable option for an ATM in Isla Holbox is at the CIBanco bank near the ferry.

The bank is hard to miss from the street, but finding the ATM is a bit more challenging. You’ll want to go around the back of the building on the left side when looking at it from the street.

Around back, you’ll find a reliable ATM that allows for withdrawals in Mexican pesos. It works with most foreign bank accounts, but there are some reviews of people having issues with their banks.

Both my husband and I were successful withdrawing money from this ATM in June of 2022. There were also several other people in line who appeared to successfully use this one.

Where to find it: Calle Tiburón Ballena 6, Predio 3 Zona 2, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico

Hours: As far as I am aware, the ATM is open 24 hours per day. The inside portion of the bank is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 8:30am-3pm on Saturdays.

La Combi ATMs

two ATMs in Holbox

Located right near the main square, these two ATMs are very convenient if you are already downtown.

These ATMs only spit out US Dollars, but you can exchange them for Mexican pesos at the bank or currency exchange center on the island.

Both of these ATMs were out of order when we were in Holbox in June of 2022. One displayed an out of service screen while the other was completely shut off.

That’s just the way things go on Holbox though! ATMs regularly run out of cash or go out of service for a bit. Chances are they fixed the problem by now!

Where to find them: Calle Tiburón Ballena, Centro, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico

Hours: 24 hours per day (if they’re actually working!)

Punto San Telmo ATM

ATM in Holbox

This ATM is the closest one to the beach that we could find. It is located right outside of the Punto San Telmo restaurant.

This ATM was US Dollars only as well, but again, you could exchange them for Mexican pesos at the bank or exchange center.

Unlike the La Combi ATMs, this one did appear to be working as of June 2022. However, we did not try to withdraw any money.

Where to find it: Calle Palomino, Av. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico

Hours: 24 hours per day

Town Hall ATM (CLOSED)

When we previously visited Holbox in 2019, the best option for an ATM was the one located on the second floor of the town hall & police station.

However, this ATM was not available for use when we were recently on the island. The stairs were blocked off and there was a large sign saying that there was no ATM there anymore.

It still may be worth checking if you can’t get cash anywhere else. They may re-open this ATM at some point in the future.

Where to find it: C. Porfirio Díaz 3760, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico

Hours: unknown

Currency Exchange On Isla Holbox

money exchange in Isla Holbox

There are two places where you can exchange currency on Isla Holbox.

The first option is the CIBanco bank near the ferry. The main bank building offers currency exchange as well as other standard financial transactions.

Location: Calle Tiburón Ballena 6, Predio 3 Zona 2, 77310 Holbox, Q.R.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 8:30am – 3pm

The second is the Money Exchange center located near the main square. We did not use this service during our time on Holbox, but I would imagine that the rates and fees are not very favorable.

Location: Porfirio Díaz Manzana 4 Local 1, Col. Centro, 77310 Holbox, Q.R.

Hours: unknown

Can You Pay With Card In Holbox?

Most establishments on Holbox do take card payments. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

Keep an eye out for high fees when using cards. Some restaurants will charge up to 5% extra for the convenience of paying with card.

You also may run into a situation where the internet is down on the island. In that case, merchants may not be able to accept card payments because their system is not working.

For those reasons, I always recommend carrying cash with you when traveling to Isla Holbox. It will make your life way easier when those situations arise!

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How Much Cash Should You Bring To Holbox?

Although there are ATMs on the island, they are not always the most reliable. It is highly recommended to bring some cash with you to Holbox.

How much cash you need will depend on how long you are staying and what you are planning on doing on the island.

Because it is an island, Isla Holbox is fairly expensive compared to other places in Mexico. Here are some standard prices for things in Holbox:

  • A bottle of beer is normally 40 to 80 pesos ($2-4 USD) at most bars and restaurants
  • Food prices vary a bit, but you can easily find meals for around $6-7 USD
  • Renting a golf cart should cost 1200 to 1700 pesos per day ($60-85 USD)
  • Renting a bicycle will set you back around 250 pesos ($12.50 USD) per day
  • Getting a sun bed for the day should cost 200 to 500 pesos ($10-25 USD)
  • A bed in a hostel dorm will set you back between $15-25 per night. A standard hotel room will be around $80-120 per night

With all of that being said, budget travelers can expect to spend around $45 per day. The average vacationer will spend closer to $75 per day.

This post was all about where to find the ATMs in Holbox.

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