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How To Visit The Rice Fields In Canggu, Bali (2024)

Want to experience a traditional Balinese rice field while you’re visiting? Here is a guide to how to visit the rice fields in Canggu and beyond.

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Canggu has it all. From trendy cafes to vibrant markets, it’s a backpacker’s paradise. But it wouldn’t be a true Balinese village without one defining feature: rice fields. Rice is a staple crop on the small island and deeply rooted in Bali’s history.

The Canggu rice fields may be a bit smaller than other famous locations in Bali, but they have a much more authentic feel to them.

Spending the day strolling through the greenery will give you a look into the island’s culture that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

In this article, we’ll take you through how to visit the Canggu rice fields and all the juicy information you need to know. So, let’s go!

Are There Rice Fields in Canggu?

Canggu rice paddies
Canggu rice fields

Tucked away in the gorgeous town of Canggu, you’ll find lovely green rice fields waiting to be explored. Rice has been harvested in Bali for more than 2,000 years, and Canggu is one of the best spots to see the tradition in action.

The Canggu rice fields aren’t as well known as the Tegallalang Rice Terrace, but that has its benefits. In Canggu, you can walk through the fields sometimes without any other tourists around and watch local Balinese people tend to the crops.

There are several great trails to explore, guided walks are available, and a few restaurants even have a view of the rice fields from their back patios.

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Where To Find the Canggu Rice Fields?

canggu rice fields

Once you arrive in Canggu, you’ll have no issue finding rice fields. Why? Well, because they’re all around the town!

Since the area is becoming a tourist hotspot, some of the rice terraces are being broken up by new buildings. But there are still a few areas that haven’t been touched.

To find the most authentic rice fields, you can take these streets from the center of Canggu: Jalan Babadan, Jl. Pantai Munggu, Jl. Raya Seseh, and Jalan Raya Buta Mejan.

Here are some spots to type into Google Maps if you want to experience the Canggu Rice Fields:

* Note that these locations aren’t the actual names of the rice fields (they don’t have names), but rather just points of interest on the map that will lead you to where the rice fields are.

Along Jalan Raya Buta Mejan:

  • Uma Desa Canggu (these are the most impressive rice fields in Canggu)
  • Padi Club Bar And Restaurant

Along Jalan Babadan:

  • Villa Alisha Pererenan
  • Gimme Shelter Bali
  • Rockets Ride Bali

Along Jl. Pantai Munggu and Jl Raya Seseh:

  • Oregano Bistro
  • Warung Tamara
  • Villa Marquee
  • Spaces Bali

These roads will lead you to the heart of the beautiful scenery, and you can continue traveling northwest toward Tanah Lot, where you’ll find even more stunning fields.

If you want to enjoy the views of a rice field from a restaurant, head over to Milu by Nook and take a seat in the outdoor seating section. You can enjoy the beautiful green space with a tasty bite to eat–count me in!

What Can You Expect To See?

You may have visions of sweeping panoramic views and dramatic terraced rice fields. However, the rice fields in Canggu are much smaller and more authentic.

These rice fields are small, family-owned fields. You may be lucky and spot some workers harvesting rice if you visit in the right season.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some screenshots from Google street view with coordinates that you can plug into your own map:

rice fields in Canggu, Bali
Jl. Raya Seseh No.7, Munggu, Kec. Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia
rice fields
Padi Club Bar And Restaurant
rice fields Bali
Uma Desa Canggu
bali rice field view
Warung 25 kitchen pererenan canggu

How To Get to The Canggu Rice Fields?

motorbike ride in Canggu

You can get to the Canggu rice fields in a few different methods.

If you feel up for a long day outside, you can walk to the fields. Depending on where you stay, it might be a bit too far, but it is a great option for those who want to take their time and see everything along the way.

Bicycles are one of the most popular methods to get around in Canggu, and they’re perfect for visiting the rice fields. Although they might not be as fast as a motorbikes, some streets are quite narrow, making bikes the preferred method.

Of course, you can rent a motorbike in town; just make sure to take it slow in the tighter sections. Having a motorbike will give you the freedom to easily visit all the terraces in the village, and they’re a lot of fun!

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When Is the Best Time to Visit the Rice Fields in Canggu?

Let me start by saying there is no bad time to visit the rice fields in Canggu. They’re gorgeous at all times of the day.

But if you want to truly see them in all their glory, then I’ll recommend two options: sunset and sunrise.

As the sun slowly creeps up in the morning, vibrant colors will fill the sky, and the morning dew on the fields will sparkle and shine.

The temperature will be nice and cool, and you’ll be able to make it back to town before the heat picks up. Catching the sunrise means leaving while it’s still dark outside, so be cautious while riding your bike or moped to the fields.

Watching the sunset is another excellent option and doesn’t require waking up before the crack of dawn to do it.

If you arrive an hour or so before the sun dips down, you’ll have the chance to watch the field turn a beautiful golden hue as the sky turns yellow, orange, and red.

You may be riding home in the dark, so, just like if you catch the sunrise, take your time and be safe.

Where Are Other Rice Fields in Bali?

Canggu isn’t the only place in Bali to experience the rice fields. In fact, just a little ways away from Canggu you’ll find some of the most spectacular rice terraces in the world!

Here are some other rice fields in Bali that are worth visiting:


rice fields in Bali
rice field in Bali

Jatiluhwih is the largest rice terrace in Bali and is drop-dead gorgeous. It spans more than 1,480 acres–pretty impressive, huh?

Some sections of Jatiluwih are believed to have been around for more than 500 years.

Along the road to the terrace, you’ll have beautiful panoramic views of the region. The rice terrace is full of great adventures, restaurants, and sitting areas.

From Canggu, Jatiluwih is just about an hour drive away.

Looking for a unique experience in Jatiluwih? This 2 hour e-bike tour of the rice fields is an amazing way to get up close to the fields while getting a bit of exercise.


rice fields in Bali
rice terraces in Bali

The rice terraces in Tegallalang are by far the most popular in Bali, and for good reasons.

The area is full of lovely rice paddies and contains a fascinating irrigation system, which was apparently introduced by a holy man in the 8th century.

You’ll find plenty of great scenic overlooks and cafes at the lip of the valley.

Tegallalang is an hour drive from the Canggu Rice Fields. To get to Tegallalang, you can either ride your motorbike, take a taxi, or join a tour.

This full day tour includes a visit to the rice terraces, a waterfall, and a ride on a giant swing in the jungle. Talk about an exciting day in Bali!


rice paddies with volcano view
rice fields at sunset

An hour and a half car ride from Canggu, you’ll arrive at the wonderful Sidemen Rice Fields.

The whole area of Sidemen is incredibly beautiful and way less crowded than other parts of Bali.

I recommend staying overnight in Sidemen so that you can be engulfed by the natural surroundings and experience some of the great treks in the area.

The mornings are generally nice and cool, so get an early start to beat the heat and soak up the beautiful region. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the ancient Besakih Temple nearby!

If you want to experience everything Sidemen has to offer, I recommend taking a tour like this one. You’ll visit the Taman Ujung Water Palace, explore Candidasa village, swim in a lush jungle pool. And of course, you’ll catch glimpses of the rice fields throughout the day.


rice terraces
rice terraces Belimbing

Belimbing is another authentic rice terrace similar to the rice fields in Jatiluweh.

Behind the village, Batukaru Mountain makes for a beautiful backdrop that adds a lot to the scenic experience.

In addition to the rice terrace, there are two amazing waterfalls to enjoy and plenty of monkeys around the village.

Getting to Belimbing from Canggu takes about an hour by car, but with such amazing views, you won’t mind the drive. 

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