Yoga in Canggu: 6 Studios in Canggu, Bali For Classes and Retreats

Looking for a place to practice yoga in Canggu? Here are the best yoga studios in Canggu, Bali for classes and retreats.

Canggu is the ideal Balinese destination for yoga. Unlike trendy Ubud, the small seaside town of Canggu is less traveled and retains that authentic, rural Bali charm. The lack of crowds and tourist influences leaves you to relax, immerse, and focus on your yoga practice.

Here are the top places to practice yoga in Canggu.

The Best Yoga Studios In Canggu

While Canggu may be more known for surfing, there is no shortage of exceptional yoga studios. Many guesthouses and fitness centers offer yoga as part of their packages too, but if you are looking for a studio dedicated to yoga, these are the best:

1. Radiantly Alive

yoga in Canggu

If you stay in Canggu long-term as a digital nomad or remote worker, Radiantly Alive is the perfect studio! 

Radiantly Alive started in Ubud in 2012 and became so popular a second studio opened in Canggu. Located on the roof of the co-working space, BWork, the view from the Shala is breathtaking! 

Picture an early morning yoga session with a sunrise view over the Canggu before starting your work day in one of the best co-working spaces in Bali. 

The teachers at Radiantly Alive are highly praised and offer various yoga styles, including Yin, Vinyasa, Power Flow, and Kriya. Private classes are available, and there are regular workshops in breathwork, meditation, and teacher training.

2. The Practice 

The Practice is one of the highest-rated yoga studios in Canggu, and with good reason! The space of this studio is remarkable, with the perfect blend of authentic Balinese building materials and techniques and luxurious interiors. 

There are two Shalas on the premises. The larger one is on the first floor, covered by an awe-inspiring bamboo canopy. The other Shala is in the garden and is mostly used for workshops and training. 

What makes The Practice unique from other studios is that they embrace and teach the yogic lifestyle instead of only focusing on the physical aspect of yoga. The teachers are exceptional!

If you wish to learn more about traditional yoga practices in a tranquil setting, this is the place for you. The studio offers regular workshops and private classes, including pre and post-natal meditation and yoga classes.

3. Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali is a “one-stop-shop” for body, mind, and spirit wellness. The space is rustic yet clean and has a serene tropical Bali feel. There are daily yoga classes for all fitness levels and various yoga styles. You are sure to find a class to suit your personal needs. 

While Samadi Bali’s specialty is traditional Ashtanga Yoga, they offer the following yoga styles:

  • Yin
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Mandala
  • Hot Yoga
  • Sound Healing
  • Power Yoga

After your yoga practice, you can indulge in a holistic spa treatment or have a healthy meal at their organic vegetarian cafe. Samadi Bali is an escape for the body and soul. 

They also offer regular workshops, teacher training, and personalized retreats. 

Yoga Retreats In Canggu

For a truly relaxing spiritual experience, you can’t go wrong with a yoga retreat. And what better place for a yoga retreat than Bali, the Island of the Gods? 

While daily visiting a studio will do wonders for your practice, a retreat allows you to fully immerse yourself in the serenity and lifestyle of yoga.

Whether you are looking for a retreat that offers structured programs or a teacher wanting to host a retreat, there’s something here for everyone. 

1. Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali offers two wellness and yoga retreats, including accommodation, meals, massages and treatments, one lifestyle coaching session, and unlimited yoga classes. Whether you choose the 4-day or 8-day retreat, you can customize your package to suit your needs.

Retreat leaders can choose one of three Shalas to host retreats. Suppose you need assistance with marketing your event.

In that case, Samadi Bali is more than happy to market through their social media channels and community newsletter, which is a huge benefit for retreat leaders who don’t have a dedicated group. 

2. Bali Wellness Retreat & Yoga Travel

If you need the perfect venue to host a retreat or workshop, Bali Wellness Retreat & Yoga Travel caters to retreat leaders. Two of their many venues are in Canggu, namely Villa 7 Chakras and Bungalow Villas. 

Villa 7 Chakras is an intimate venue best for small yoga groups, while Bungalow Villas is the ideal place to host an extended retreat due to its space and affordability. Both venues are gorgeous!

The retreat packages include accommodation, airport transfers, one spa treatment, and one of their selections of excursions. You can customize Retreat packages to suit your needs, and private chefs are available. 

3. Serenity Eco Guesthouse And Yoga

Serenity Eco Guesthouse And Yoga is a budget-friendly retreat in the heart of Canggu.

It’s a rustic venue, perfect for bringing you back to the bare necessities of life and happiness. Serenity Eco Guesthouse is one of the few places in Canggu (and Bali) that offer extended retreats at affordable rates. 

Their 30-day retreat is the most popular and includes accommodation, unlimited yoga classes, and a daily vegan breakfast buffet. Yoga classes are for different skill levels and styles. Private sessions are available at additional cost if you need further guidance.

The guesthouse boasts a spa, permaculture garden, and restaurant and is only minutes from the beach. 

4. Desa Seni Yoga Retreat

Desa Seni is a village resort offering teacher training, spa treatments, and yoga retreats. Daily yoga classes are included in room bookings, so you can easily create a personalized retreat by booking your stay here and adding spa treatments as you desire.

There are three retreat packages to choose from, including massages, meals, and tours (depending on which package you choose). 

Desa Seni offers a choice of Kundalini, Meditation, and restorative yoga for those looking for a private retreat. Your exclusive yoga teacher guides all private retreats.

How Much Does Yoga In Canggu Cost?

The cost of yoga studios and retreats in Canggu varies greatly. Many studios have different rates for Indonesians and foreigners, so you can expect to pay slightly more than the locals. Luckily, the varied prices mean that you are guaranteed to find a studio that suits your budget! 

Yoga Studio Prices In Canggu

The following table will give you an idea of how the different studios compare. All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (from April 2023). It is best to visit each studio’s website for current pricing. 

Radiantly AliveThe PracticeSamadi Bali
Single Class130k IDR ($8.60)140k IDR ($9.30)140k IDR ($9.30)
5 Classes580k IDR ($38.75)650k IDR ($43.42)
6 Classes700k IDR ($46.76)
10 Classes1.1m IDR ($73.50)1.2m IDR ($80)
12 Classes1.3m IDR ($86.85)
20 Classes 2m IDR ($133.60)2m IDR ($133.60)
1 Month Unlimited2.4m IDR ($160)2.8m IDR ($187)
Private Class(1-hour class) 1300k for the first student +400k for each student to a max of 5 1700k for 2 people
1200k for 1-2 people  1500k for 3-6 people 1800k > 7-10(1-hour class) 1400k for 1 +100k for one more (1500k for 2) 90mins: 1750 for one 1870 for 2

The Cost Of Yoga Retreats In Canggu

Due to the nature of retreats, the cost of attending or hosting a retreat in Canggu will depend on many factors, like venue, duration, luxuries, and additional inclusions. 

Most retreats include accommodation and at least one meal per day. Most prices are USD and range from $54 (for four days) to $1800 (for eight days). 

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